7 Things Learned Staying at Budget Hotels in Singapore

Here are some things we learnt while staying across some of our favourite budget hotels in Singapore. Does any of them lure you?

1. That free 24×7 snacks are a life saver

Nibbles Snack Bar Naumi Liora Hotel

Nibbles snack bar at Naumi Liora Hotel lobby.    [photo: Naumi Liora Hotel]

We’ve been in situations when we have come back to a hotel after a long day of sightseeing and at an odd hour of after lunch but before snack. We love how considerate Naumi Liora Hotel is when it comes to this.

Nibbles, at their reception lobby, offers a quick bite at any hour of the day with tea or coffee. Whether you want to revive yourself with a sugar coated marshmallow or crave those midnight M&M’s, let yourself get tempted!


Panda-theme guest room that is hit with both kids and adults. Room rates from US$99 per night.

Waking up in a clean room with comforting graphics is an experience only some have witnessed.

Hotel Clover the Arts on South Bridge Road is often termed as a ‘gem of a hotel’. With every room having different artsy illustration on the wall, we daresay that these little things enhance our experience in a hotel.

Who would have thought that painted walls of adorable Pandas could be so uplifting?

3. That tablets aren’t only for business travelers

Big Hotel offers each guest room with a Nexus 7 tablet. Of course we knew that tablets offer great help to those who are on emails and making presentations, but Big Hotel’s consideration not to keep it limited only for those requirements is great.

We can use it to surf the internet while using the free WiFi, stay connected on social media, watch free movies-on-demand, read those long desired e-books – use it as you like.

4. That a complimentary breakfast buffet may restrict your experience

Bugis Street Hainanese Chicken Rice at Chinatown Food Street

The very popular Bugis Street Hainanese Chicken Rice stall at Chinatown Food Street.   [photo: flickr/chooyutshing]

While we admit that inclusive breakfasts are great, they also limit our interest in exploring more of the neighbourhood.

Porcelain Hotel in the heart of Chinatown is a good example of clean room and comfortable stay. Apart from being only a 5-minute walk from Chinatown MRT Station, this hotel is just steps from the popular Chinatown Food Street which offers the best of Singapore’s hawker food all under one roof.

5. Free local calls anytime of the day

Trying to reach a local Singaporean number for a travel query?

Don’t worry, Kam Leng Hotel has you covered. In most cases, none of us have a local number for making that unplanned important call and it’s comforting to know that you won’t be slapped with additional charges.

Bonus: While some may forget carrying a universal charger in their hectic schedule, Kam Leng have in-room universal adaptors for everyone’s use.

6. That not all transit budget hotels are claustrophobic

Champion Hotel Deluxe Room

Spacious and clean Deluxe Room at Champion Hotel for a cozy stay in Singapore.

Champion Hotel’s greatest advantage is its proximity to the Changi Airport. Perhaps this could work as a disadvantage leading many prospective guests to believe that it would be dirty and stifling.

This hotel surprises most travelers with clean and spacious rooms. The lack of an inclusive breakfast buffet is made up by many cheap eateries in the vicinity. While you’re recovering from a jet lag or want to get a hot shower welcome to Singapore, Champion’s will not disappoint you.

7. That heritage doesn’t necessarily mean away from civilisation

Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen Deluxe Room

A spacious and cozy guest room in a refurbished heritage opera house. Room rates from just US$80 per night.

Unlike a large majority of heritage hotels, Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen is centrally located.

This uniquely themed hotel is situated in Chinatown and is based on a Chinese opera house, Lai Chun Yuen. The contrasting red decor and the comfortable white beds make an attractive package for anyone who wants to stay in a budget heritage hotel in Singapore.