Singapore F1 2013 Grand Prix

Singapore F1 Grand Prix Night Race - In Action

The F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2013 will held between 20th to 22nd September 2013.   [photo: flickr/paulo.alano]

Adrenalin-Rushing, Hair-Raising, Breathtaking Action.
This Is Where The Rubber Truly Hits The Road!

The 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix Night Race held in ultra-hip Singapore, is sure to get peoples’ blood pumping, as those sleek machines roar past fanatic crowds among panoramic waterfront and soaring skyscrapers.

Singapore never disappoints when it comes to over-delivering its race-goers to this spectacular event. The close proximity the F1 fans are to the Marina Bay Street Circuit and the unique allure of night racing under lights has been a popular draw compared to other F1 cities.

Together with the F1 Concert that features rockin’ first-class acts, it is an event that is not to be missed by any F1 fans worth their salt!

Also, let’s not forget its accessible mass rapid transit (MRT) system, expansive hotel options and vibrant shopping scene, will simply make your high-octane weekend that more convenient and enjoyable.

Where Can I Stay That’s Close To The F1 Race Circuit?

Since there’ ll be enough non-stop activity buzzing all over Singapore, you want to be conveniently located close to the F1 track so you’re not dealing with more hustle and bustle just getting there right? Furthermore, to be able to decide where to stay in Singapore that’s easy on the pocketbook too!

Well check out these budget hotels near Singapore F1 circuit that’ ll help ease that concern.

Singapore F1 2013 Race Schedule

Fri 20 Sept. 2013

  1. Practice No. 1 – 18:00 to 19:30
  2. Practice No. 2 – 21:30 to 23:00

Sat 21 Sept. 2013

  1. Practice No. 3 – 18:00 to 19:00
  2. Qualifying – 21:00 to 22:00

Sun 22 Sept. 2013

  1. Grand Prix Race – 20:00 to 22:00

Zones, Gates & MRT Train Stations

In order to get your exhilaration fix, there are 4 viewing Zones, 10 Gates to enter those zones, and 6 MRT train stations to whisk you to your designated area. They are all clearly marked out in this reader-friendly downloadable street circuit map here.

Easy Access via MRT

For your convenience, these are the following MRT Stations that will be closest to your particular gate and viewing zones.

Gate 1/Zone 1
Nearest MRT Station – Nicoll Highway MRT (CC5), Exit A
In the vicinity – Turn 1, 2 & 3 Suites and Grandstands, Paddock Club and F1 Pit Building.

Gate 2/Zone 2
Nearest MRT Station – Promenade (CC4), Exit A
In the vicinity – Bay Grandstand, Millenia Walk and Ritz Carlton Singapore.

Gate 3/Zone 4
Nearest MRT Stations: City Hall (NS25/EW13), Exit C and Esplanade (CC3), Exit E
In the vicinity: Padang, Connaught & Stamford Grandstands, Padang Stage, Esplanade and Raffles City Shopping Mall.

Gate 4/Zone 4
Nearest MRT Station: City Hall (NS25/EW13), Exit B
In the vicinity: Padang Grandstand, Padang Stage, St. Andrew’s Cathedral and Funan DigitaLife IT Mall.

Gate 5 /Zone 4
Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place (NS26/EW14), Exit H
In the vicinity: Turn 11, 12 & 13, Esplanade Park Stage, Asian Civilisation Museum and The Fullerton Hotel.

Gate 6/Zone 4
Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place (NS26/EW14), Exit H
In the vicinity: Turn 13, Singapore River, Esplanade Bridge and the Merlion Park.

Gate 7/Zone 4
Nearest MRT Station: Esplanade (CC3), Exit D
In the vicinity: Turn 14 & 15, Stamford, Connaught and Esplanade Waterfront Grandstands and Marina Square Shopping Center.

Gate 8/Zone 2
Nearest MRT Station: Promenade (CC4), Exit A
In the vicinity: Turn 19 & 20, Bay Grandstand, Singapore Flyer and Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Gate 9

Gate 10/Zone 2
Nearest MRT Station: Bayfront (CE1), Exit C
In the vicinity, Turn 18 & 19, Bay Grandstand, Helix Bridge, ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands.

F1 Ticket Tips and Tricks

The variety of ticket options for the 2013 Grand Prix, are categorized to suit your budget, date/s of attendance, preferred viewpoint and number of attendees in your party. There are so many from which to choose, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll even have tickets to bring your pet!

In order to experience all of that horsepower flying past you, the options and prices are categorized according to what ‘Zone’ and ‘Turn’ you’ll be located.

Standard or Walkabout, type of Grandstand, 1-Day or 3-Day ticket options, tickets for the disabled, Executive Packages, and even ‘Combo Deals’ are available.

Where Are The Cheapest F1 Tickets?

If you’re on a budget and want to know what’s the cheapest ticket on tap, that would be the ‘Single Day’ Zone 4 Walkabout on Friday, 20th Sept 2013 for only SGD$68.

Why this price?

The ticket is dated for Practice Day 1. Additionally, since it’s a Walkabout Zone, you won’t have an assigned seat or viewpoint.

Recommended F1 Grandstands to Catch The Action

Turns 1 and 2 Grandstands, (especially Turn 2 because you can see Turns 1,2 and 3), offer the best vantage points but are the priciest.

Pit Grandstand is close to the cars but has little breeze, so it can get pretty darn toasty down there.

The Bay Grandstand offers the most seats, but has a rather limited view since the road is narrow and the cars will whiz by you quicker than a blink of an eye.

Or how about one unique F1 experience you can try in Singapore where you can’t get anywhere else?

Just stand under the Esplanade Bridge (Merlion Park) where your body will pulsate to the bone from the thunderous vibrations of the cars peeling over your head. Bring your earplugs!

You can peruse through the multitude of choices here, where you’ll be assured to find an F1 ticket that’ ll fit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I saw another website selling Singapore Grand Prix Tickets.
    Are they the real deal?
  2. Another website was offering discounted tickets.
    Are those tickets valid?
  3. Where can I collect my tickets during the week of the event?
  4. Are the tickets transferable?
  5. Will I be able to have an unobstructed view of the race?
  6. Are the Grandstands covered from the elements?

These questions and many more are all answered here in a downloadable PDF document for your convenience.

F1 Singapore Concert

Big Bang Korean Band for F1 Concert Singapore

Big Bang – superstars Daesung, G-Dragon, Seungri, Taeyang and T.O.P will kick off the 2013 F1 Singapore Grand Prix with a charged-up concert.

What would the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore be without additional entertainment other than redlining RPMs and burning rubber?

To compliment the electrifying atmosphere, is four days of live outdoor concerts from both regional and Grammy Award winning international artists like Rihanna and Justin Bieber. More about the line-up over at “Singapore F1 Concert 2013” page.

Add to this the mind-boggling array of eating and drinking venues that are strewn all over the circuit, you’ll be walking away from this weekend with your stomachs and senses filled to the brim!

The cars and drivers will be all revved up waiting for that green light to flash. So just make sure you’ve got your pole position ready for this jam-packed week of thrills, frills and chills.