Far East Plaza Shopping Center

Far East Plaza Shopping Center

Far East Plaza – Orchard Road mall selling cheap fashion, accessories and cosmetics for young adults.

Far East Plaza is one of the oldest shopping malls located at the heart of the Orchard Road shopping belt. It first opened in 1982 when it became the biggest tourist shopping center in Southeast Asia.

Today, this shopping center still maintains its popularity especially among the younger crowd in Singapore. Far East Plaza is actually targeted at teenagers and young shoppers that are looking for very affordable and trendy fashion.

Far East Plaza shopping center is also easily accessible with just a 5-minute stroll from one of Orchard MRT Station exits (Exit A).

Far East Plaza houses more than 800 stores, including numerous independent fashion boutiques, eateries, hair salons and tattoo parlors. Orchard Road shopping equals excitement for both locals and tourists, given the many and sometimes very luxurious shopping outlets. For those that are looking for stylish products at a decent price, Far East Plaza is the perfect choice.

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What to Shop in Far East Plaza

The fashion boutiques in Far East Plaza are among the most popular shopping venues for the local youth. There are also many shoes and accessories shops that have the latest, trendiest and fashionable items.

If you go to Level 1 inside Far East Plaza, you will find numerous quirky boutiques with lots of items to choose from. Some of the trendy clothes are imported from Japan and Korea, and they are priced very low compared to other malls. Mink and Womb are some of the shops where you will find the most up-to-date accessories and clothes.

A new trend that is quickly taking off in Singapore is the emergence of many blog shops. Blog shops are simply online clothing or accessories shops that usually sell very unique pieces. At Far East Plaza you will find physical extensions of these online blog shops lining the mall. One exceptional blog shop is FirstDay located on Level 3, a fashion boutique that offers one-of-a-kind clothing for young ladies.

Another shopping attraction of Far East Plaza is that there are lots of beauty shops that market all kinds of make-up and cosmetics that are made in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, there are also many beauty salons where you can get a facial, haircut, pedicure, or manicure at very competitive prices.

Where to Eat in Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza is famous for its many food stalls and eateries that offer great food at cheap prices. On Levels 4 and 5 you will find many one-of-a-kind family operated stalls dishing out Singapore food, Asian delicacies and other treats.

At Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun & Durian Pancake store on Level 1, you can get some sweet Durian puffs that is simply heavenly for die-hard Durian fans. The fried Mars bar is another savory dessert that although seems strange at first, it is actually very tasty. This fried chocolate bar dessert which originates from Scotland can be found at Chippy kiosk at Level 1.

Man Jia Le serves the best Kungfu iced-milk tea in the area, which is silky smooth “hand pulled” tea using traditional socks. Graffiti Cafe is a noodle bar in Far East Plaza where you can get mouth-watering Pontian noodles topped with crispy wontons and roasted pork. Wong Solo is an Indonesian restaurant where guests can enjoy the Javanese dish of Ayam Bakar; grilled spicy and sweet chicken marinated with secret recipe sauce. All these wonderful food stalls can be found on Level 1.

What is Unique about Far East Plaza

Unbeknownst to many even to the locals, Far East Plaza houses many tailor shops where you can get your items altered, or you can get a custom made outfit for a very reasonable price. Many of them also offer express service for same-day alteration so you’d be instantly decked-out in the latest fashion to paint the town red!

Opening Hours

Lucky plaza opens daily from 10am – 10pm. It’s the perfect shopping destination in Orchard Road for cheap fashion buys and affordable beauty and personal care services.

Contact Information

Address: 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
Contact number: +65 6732 6266
Nearest MRT Station: Orchard MRT Station (NS22)


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