6 Free and Romantic Things to Do in Singapore

Romance in Singapore

Romance your special one in Singapore.   [photo:  flickr/epSos. de]

Singapore is a favorite escape for couples who want to rekindle their love affair while filling their shopping bags!

The city is filled with rooftop bars and exclusive fine dining haunts, but if you believe in romance that is easy on the pocket and away from the crowds, we’ve got you covered:

1. Hear the Waves Crash at Labrador Park

Labrador Park Coast during Sunset

Labrador Park during sunset – offbeat place in Singapore for lovebirds.   [photo: flickr/awee_19]

By day, Labrador Park is best known for a World War II tunnel, but at sundown, the history buffs retreat back to the city.

Gentle, well-lit walking trails wind along the forested areas, and culminate in the tranquil Labrador Park jetty where it’s basked in warm golden hue just before the sun goes down.

Find your spot, and let the sounds of the sea and setting sun stir up your love!

2. Hike Along the Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves

The undulating Henderson Waves with stunning views is the place to declare your love for her.   [photo: flickr/Sean Lin]

Let the party goers go to Sentosa. You take your sweetheart and find your way to the Henderson Waves, near HarborFront, for a walk that takes you through stunning natural panorama by day and captivating  sundown views by evening.

You’ll follow each other through beautiful forests, on designer bridges, and end up at Mount Faber for a rewarding view of Singapore’s coast below your feet.

3. Moonlit Walk at East Coast Park

When the rest of the city sleeps, East Coast Park aka ECP, comes alive with late night walkers and the occasional couples looking for a break from the madding city life.

There’s a spot for everyone – by the rocks, on the beach, and inland along the deserted cycling trails. Find yours, gaze at the moon and the stars, and remember why you are together.

4. Have an Evening Picnic on The Roof of Esplanade

View from Esplanade Rooftop Garden

he panoramic Marina Bay skyline one can get from the Esplanade’s rooftop garden.   [photo: flickr/Erwin Soo]

You’ve done your stroll along the couples at the Singapore River. Now break away, climb up to the roof of the Esplanade (no noise here please!), roll out your picnic mats, and watch the Marina Bay glitter below you.

You know that feeling that you’ve finally arrived in the city you love, with the person you love? You’ll find it here.

5. Feel Wonder Full at Marina Bay

Marina Bay Wonderful Lightshow

Tip – To enjoy the light-show, get to the Merlion Park which faces the Marina Bay Sands directly.   [photo: flickr/Khairul Nizam]

You’ve had your fill of Marina Bay Sands and its majesty. But on our request, go back one more time, on a weekend night, and find yourself a spot facing the Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands.

Ignore the crowds surrounding you for 13 minutes of a water-fire-light show that’ll take your breath away. Then get ready to fall in love again as a million bubbles rise above you and proclaim your love from the skies!

6. Marvel at Nature at the Botanical Gardens

Couple Strolling in Singapore Botanical Gardens

Surprise her with a romantic stroll amongst the flowers in the Singapore Botanical Gardens.   [photo: flickr/leandra (& eric)]

Your special someone thinks Singapore is a concrete jungle, so you surprise them with a visit to the Botanical Gardens in the heart of the city.

Soak in the colors of the season, smell the roses, complement the lilies, feel awestruck by the orchids, gaze at the floating ones, and feel nature in your midst. Then pick a flower for your flower, only don’t be as cheesy as we are!

What are your favorite (free) romantic things to do Singapore?
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