7 Free Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Changi Airport

Changi Airport Terminal 3

The futuristic departure hall at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport. Have you been here yet?   [photo: flickr/Lip Jin Lee]

The best things in life are free. And Singapore’s Changi Airport takes this quite seriously.

If you are ever stuck in transit in this remarkable airport, you will never be out of things to do. And what’s better, most of the experiences are free. If you are staying in Singapore, it may be worth your time to stay at hotels near Changi Airport, check in early, and explore some of these offerings.

1. Experience Utopia at the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport

Get ready to be enchanted by over 1000 colorful butterflies in the Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3.   [photo: flickr/Nir Sinay]

Changi Airport is the first in the world to have a butterfly garden in its premises. Here you will be surrounded by a thousand fluttering butterflies and can see the evolution from the pupae stage. The butterflies taking the first flight are kept under care in the Emergency Enclosure.

For all those who are interested in educating themselves in the life cycle of the butterfly, this place serves as a haven for them. With a beautiful indoor waterfall, this place looks like an oasis in the middle of the concrete world!

Where exactly: Terminal 3

2. Indulge in Relaxing Massages

Massage Chairs in Changi Airport

Done with your shopping? Take a break and rest your aching legs with these feet and calf massage chairs sprinkled over all the terminals.   [photo: Asiarooms]

Situated at every terminal and across close walking distances, these massages chairs literally call out to the feet of tired travelers.

You can spend some time here in between your long flights to re-energize and relax the muscles of your feet and calf. These mechanical chairs can be set into customized massage techniques while you sit back and unwind.

Where exactly: Spread across all three terminals.

3. Watch Movies on Big Screen Cinemas

Changi Airport Cinema for Travelers

If you are on transit at Changi Airport with few hours to spare, why not catch the latest movie at this big screen cinema.   [photo: Skift.com]

The in-flight screens too small for your delicate eyes? If you are traveling through Changi, you don’t have to allow your eyes through the torture. Make yourself comfortable in any of the three movie theaters within the airport premises, which are open 24 hours.

We do not take any responsibility if you miss your flight!

Where exactly: Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

4. Photo Fun with the Social Tree

Social Tree in Changi Airport

You simply can’t miss this gigantic digital tree at Terminal 1. Have fun taking photos with it and share it on Facebook with your friends!   [photo: flickr/Karen Pretty]

This fairly new and addictive interactive installation is surrounded by photo booths, which allows travelers to take their own photographs and upload it on the humongous animated crown.

This crown or structure is made up of 64 giant 42-inch high-definition screens and offers a 360 degree display. The keeper of memories in photos and videos, the Social Tree also allows you to share these moments on your Social Media profiles and pages as well.

Where exactly: Terminal 1.

5. Play Around at the Entertainment Deck

Changi Airport Entertainment Deck MTV Booth

This personal MTV booth is specially catered for music lovers where you can escape to your own world.   [photo: Changi Airport Group]

Don’t want to spend time around Social Media but you would prefer getting your hands on an XBOX? The entertainment deck is the answer to your prayers.

This is an integrated center with a number of multimedia entertainment options to choose from. Play up at the Xbox Kinect Room or compete with the XBOX 360/Playstation 3. Or simply create your own playlist and listen to your favorite songs in the MTV Booth.

What more? It also has a cafeteria, in case you are tired after all those games.

Where exactly: Terminal 2.

6. Get Creative at the Interactive Art

Changi Airport Wood Block Rubbing Interactive Art

Art lovers are not forgotten at Changi Airport too. Check out the woodblock rubbing stations located across all terminals.   [photo: flickr/Shaun Wong]

The pockets of Interactive Art in Changi Airport allows its visitors to rejuvenate their artistic interests while dabbling some history in it.

Stations of woodblock rubbing, an ancient form of art in Singapore, which was prevalent in 1950-60s, are seen here and is a great way to spend time with the children while introducing them to the culture. You can also check and explore mysteries of the Asian Icon Interactive Art.

Where exactly: Woodblock rubbing- Across all three terminals. Asian Icon Interactive Art at Terminal 2.

7. Explore Singapore with the Free City Tours

Singapore Skyline with Merlion

Take advantage of the free city tours at Changi Airport to visit the iconic Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and Little India.

One of the best ways to spend your long transit hours is to explore the country while you’re waiting.

Changi Airport offers free city tours to travelers who have more than 5 hours to spend here. With a bit of prior planning, you will be able to discover the highlights of this island for free. Do register for your choice of tour before your immigration.

Heritage Tour, approximately for 4 hours, takes you around the Singapore Flyer, the state-of-the-art Marina Bay Sands, the artsy Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, Chinatown, Little India and the Central Business District. There is a 15 minute stopover at the Merlion. Don’t forget to keep your camera battery fully charged!

The City Lights tour boasts the spectacular skyline of Singapore by night and is for a duration of 4.5 hours. With a 15 minute stop at Marina Bay Promenade, be prepared to gawk at the breath-taking panorama of Singapore. You will also see Marina Bay Financial Centre, Bugis Village and Raffles Hotel lit up.

Where exactly: Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 for registration.