Hotel 1929

Hotel 1929 - Facade

Hotel 1929 is an affordable boutique hotel housed in a row of beautiful shop houses that is so nostalgic…

Hotel 1929 is probably the most stylish boutique hotel in Chinatown but it is surprisingly affordable for the budget conscious travelers. Located on Keong Saik Road, the 1929 Hotel is very easily accessible from Outram Park Interchange MRT Station (EW16/NE3) with a short 8-minute walk.

For guests arriving at Changi International Airport, the direct train (Green Line) ride to Outram Park MRT Station is about 45-minute so you can be in the comfy room of Hotel 1929 in no time.

Hotel 1929 is a Chinatown gem with its old-style architecture, which reminds of Colonial Singapore. Its interior and rooms have a unique decor so it is easy to see why this hotel won the Trip Advisor’s 2012 Traveler’s Choice award for Trendiest Hotel in Singapore.

In addition, there are so many attractions that you can explore by foot if you stay at Hotel 1929.

Oldest and Most Impressive Temples in Chinatown

It is always good luck to start a journey with blessings from the local temples. Even if you’re not looking for blessings on your travels, it is still very nice to see some extraordinary architecture and get a glimpse of local spiritual rituals.

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore located on South Bridge Road and within walking distance of Hotel 1929. You wouldn’t normally expect to find a Hindu temple in the middle of Chinatown, but this temple has been around for almost 200 years and is a major tourist attraction. The architecture of the temple follows the Dravidian style and right at the entrance you can see all the colorful deities sitting on the main tower. Mariamman is the Goddess of Rain for Hindus and people pray to her for prosperity, fertility and health.

Thian Hock Keng, 7-minute walk from Sri Mariamman Temple, is another century old temple, this time a Chinese Taoist one, and its name signifies “Heavenly Happiness”. Its architecture is specific to Southern China, with many colored painted tiles, as well as tiger and lion statues guarding the main entrance. The praying area leaves any visitor astonished by the numerous red lanterns, golden symbols and impressive sculptures. Here you can pray for a safe journey, like the many worshipers that did so before you, for the past century.

Souvenirs Galore at Traditional Shop Houses

Besides being landmarked by the Sri Mariamman Temple, Temple Street offers one of the best shopping experiences in Singapore. Not because it is glamorous in any way, but because it gives you a taste of authentic Chinatown with double-storey shop houses adorned with red lanterns, old signboards and banners. Whether you are looking for some Chinese curios, herbs, finely-crafted chopsticks, souvenirs or some other merchandise, this is the place to buy them from.

Parallel to Temple Street we have Pagoda Street. Same as the neighboring streets, it is famous for its Pre-War shop houses that sell souvenirs, art and many other crafted objects. No visitor will leave this place unsatisfied or empty handed, but you do need some bargaining skills for best buys. You will also need a collector’s eye to spot the most interesting finds, as there are quite a few.

Experience Art of Tea Making in Chinatown

No Chinatown visit can be complete without experiencing an authentic Chinese tea-house. Everybody knows that preparing tea is considered an art in Asian cultures. This art is greatly cherished by the Chinese and tea always requires special and careful preparation.

Located on 9 Neil Road, The Tea Chapter is the largest tea house in Singapore and just minutes walk from Hotel 1929, is a must-see for any visitors. You can experience the all-serious and professional Tea Ceremony first-hand in the tranquil settings of this quaint tea-house.

The Tea Chapter is a great hang-out on a rainy day or a do-nothing day, with a hot cup of tea, a board game and a nice dessert. Don’t forget to buy some tea and souvenirs for your loved ones.

Exclusive and Chic Boutique Hotel

Hotel 1929 - Deluxe Room
Hotel 1929 is a very exclusive hotel with just 32 rooms and each room is uniquely designed to wow guests with vintage furniture and retro-chic interiors. Hotel 1929 is very famous and very sought-after by tourists, not only because of its charming architecture but also for its outstanding customer service.

Room Rates

Hotel 1929 - Superior Room
Rooms are from USD$130 – USD$150 per night at or

Hotel Amenities

Hotel 1929 - Outdoor Lounge
Boutique Hotel 1929 is fully equipped with air-conditioned rooms, attached showers and broadband Internet access that cater well to both leisure and business travelers. Each room also comes with mini-fridge and safe deposit box.

Wireless Internet access (complimentary) is available in all the rooms.

  1. LCD TV with Cable Channels
  2. Mini-Fridge
  3. Safe Deposit Box
  4. Complimentary Beverages
  5. Complimentary Toiletries
  6. Laundry / Dry Clean Service
  7. Unlimited Local Phone Calls
  8. Limousine Service

Contact Information

Address: 50 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089154
Contact number: +65 6347 1929
Hotel Website:
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park Interchange MRT Station (EW16/NE3)

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