Places to Eat and Shop near Amaris Hotel Singapore

Golden Mile Complex Authentic Thai Food Stall

One of the many authentic Thai food stalls in Golden Mile Complex. Best of all, food here are very affordable!    [photo: flickr/chooyutshing]

So What’s Good to Eat near Amaris Hotel?

Within a mere 5-10 minute walk from Amaris Hotel Singapore, your palate will be stimulated with the countless eateries in the immediate region to suit any budget.

For authentic ethnic foods especially Middle Eastern or Moroccan, then the nearby Arab Quarters at Kampong Glam will provide you enough savory halal dishes, kebabs, salads and curry to last you till your flight home.

Prefer some cheap Thai dishes instead? Also just an arm’s reach from Amaris Hotel Bugis is the Golden Mile Complex on Beach Road if you are craving for Tom Yum soup or Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad).

If you’re looking for an assorted mixture, then just walk down Bugis Street to Albert Center Market and Food Center. Hawker stalls and quaint no-frills eateries abound where the choices of cheap local dishes will appease both your stomach and your wallet.

If walking in the heat isn’t your cup of tea, especially when you’re jet-lagged after a long flight. In that case, then get both air-con and hunger relief at either of the two shopping malls close by – Bugis Junction and Bugis+ on Victoria Street.

Shopping Galore near Amaris Hotel

Bugis Street Shopping

Bugis Street – The go-to place for young adults looking for cheap Jap/Korean fashion.   [Photo – flickr/silviasweety]

I highly doubt no matter how famished you were when seeking out your preferred edibles, you’d miss what shopping opportunities also amidst all the food. Therefore, you really don’t have to venture off anywhere from where you were already!

Take the Bugis Street market for example. The city’s largest shopping bazaar with over 800 young adults fashion and accessories outlets that could keep you busy for hours with its vast selection and competitive prices.

Or go to Haji and Bali Lanes in the Arab Quarters for a more peaceful yet cultural shopping experience. Ethnic trinkets. antiques, spices, scents, fabrics and textiles are colorfully peppered throughout this cozy ethnic district.

Or, if you’re more into electronics, trendy fashion, brand-names or simply a consumer for the contemporary, then checkout these multistory shopping centers all around Amaris Hotel – Bugis Junction, Bugis+, Suntec City Mall, Raffles City and Funan DigitalLife Mall just to name a few.

From the upscale to the down-to-earth budget or authentic variety and everything in between, these product-laden malls will certainly not disappoint the hungry buyer or even browser. You don’t have to even cross the entire city to visit them!

Cultural and Interesting Places near Amaris Hotel

The Sultan Mosque

The Sultan Mosque nestled in Arab Quarters with its unmistakable golden dome makes a perfect backdrop for avid photographers.   [photo: flickr/Erwin Soo]

Yes of course there are seemingly endless attractions strewn all over the city for entertainment, historical intrigue, nature lovers, or for those who are just plain curious.

However, there are visitors who due to time constraints, or whom simply can’t be bothered visiting A-Z and everything in between, the following nearby sites are popular for both cultural and photographic purposes:

The Sultan Mosque
It is the city’s largest mosque and makes for a stunning backdrop with its glistening dome, when meandering through the locality.

Address: : 3 Muscat Street (Arab Quarters) Singapore 198833

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho (aka Goddess of Mercy Temple)
An incredibly lively, colorful and ornate Chinese temple. Scores of devotees flock here to worship and give merit with incense and bamboo sticks, in the hope of having their wishes come true.

Address: 178 Waterloo Street Singapore 187964

Masjid Hajjah Fatimah Mosque
This building apparently takes second place of significance following the Sultan Mosque. It consists of a very lovely blend of both British and Malay-Muslim architecture. Similar to the Sultan Mosque’s design and dome, this mosque’s decorative facade and its minaret is its centerpiece.

Address: 4001 Beach Road Singapore 199584

Why Stay at Amaris Hotel Singapore?

Amaris Hotel Bugis Singapore - Twin Room

Rooms at Amaris Hotel maybe compact but are cozy enough for a good night’s sleep. Convenient location and free Wi-Fi, from just US$90.

You won’t be needing a room with a mini-bar stocked with exorbitantly priced beverages and snacks. When you’re on a budget, you’re looking for a place where you won’t cringe at the month’s end credit card statement.

The Amaris Hotel does appear to help soothe the Mastercard blues in you.

The rooms are compact, or even small depending if you need space for your morning yoga. There’s no fanciful restaurant, no gym nor sauna. But who needs them? Tons of nearby eateries abound, you can walk everywhere for exercise, and the tropical heat will definitely induce enough perspiration for weight-loss!

The convenience and affordability factor at Amaris Hotel certainly takes precedence over any other non-essential amenities for the budget traveler. Plus, you’re visiting to spend time outside the hotel and just need an inexpensive place to sleep right?

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