Places to Eat, Shop and Visit near Venue Hotel

Conserved Terrace Houses in Joo Chiat

A row of pastel-colored heritage terrace houses in Joo Chiat, just minutes walk from Venue Hotel. [photo: flickr/chooyutshing]

Cultural Browsing in Joo Chiat

The Joo Chiat District is steeped with architectural beauty with its classic pre-war Chinese construction and frameworks. So you needn’t have to stroll from Venue Hotel too far at all to have your camera at the ready to shoot some gorgeous colors and designs.

Take the Conserved Terrace Houses off East Coast Road for example. Beautifully crafted facades with a mishmash of complimentary colors fused with east-west styles are a delight to the eye and your lens.

Speaking of color, check out the vividly enhanced Rumah Bebe and the equally lovely Katong Antique House. Not only are their exteriors intriguing, but on the inside there’s an assortment of Peranakan heirlooms, antiques, fascinating furniture and costumes. Additionally, custom-made sarongs, spices and even traditional Nyonya-style cooking classes – respectively.

Eat and Play at the Seaside

East Coast Park in Singapore

East Coast Park is a nice place for you to relax especially after a long flight. [photo: flickr/Beegee49]

The East Coast Park area is really a refreshing break after a long flight, or if you’re not yet in the mood to be surrounded by tall city skyscrapers.

You can take a leisurely meander along its seaside walkway, enjoy the sunset or sunrise, or if you’re immune to jet-lag, partake in one of several popular recreational activities.

Rollerblading, cycling, windsurfing, kayaking are all there for the energetic and thrill-seekers. Or if that plane ride just took too much out of you, just sit back and relax and at any of the number of bars and eateries strewn along the 15km of surf and sand.

If you’re a seafood nut, maybe leaf through the extensive menu at the East Coast Seafood Center for some famous local delights like Chilli Crabs?

Where to Shop

Fear not, there are 2 modern shopping malls no more than 15-minute walk from the Venue Hotel.

Firstly, there’s 112 Katong Mall that offers six floors of retail, food and fashion glory – banks included.

The choices at this mall abound for the fashionistas, the health and beauty-buffs, the gadget-geeks, the pet-lovers, the collectors, the famished, the parched and even the casual window-shopper. With 150 specialty stores from which to choose, I think it’s safe to say that bank withdrawal would have come in handy.

Your second choice close to the hotel is Parkway Parade Shopping Center. Just like 112 Katong, this complex also has six levels. But, if you thought 150 stores at the former was enough, try 250 at this one! They obviously thought anything under 200 just doesn’t cut it.

I think if you flipped a coin to choose between these two centers, you couldn’t go wrong with either one, as the selections and diversity of both are way beyond ample.

Why Stay at Venue Hotel Singapore

Venue Hotel Room Standard Twin Room

Though the rooms are compact, it has almost anything you need. From US$60, the rooms are really a steal and best of all, they all come with free Wi-Fi.

Need a hotel near Changi Airport? Or you prefer sea breezes than skyscrapers?

Perhaps this ‘Venue’ is the ticket? Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the pun, it was calling out at me.

But levity aside, there will be those who may be using Singapore as merely a stopover en route to another destination, who don’t need to be ‘city-center’. Or, those who do wish to be amidst the hustle and bustle, but just don’t want to sleep in it.

The Venue Hotel Joo Chiat can certainly cater to both varieties and others. Yes the rooms are compact, it’s perhaps not the best choice for a family, and it’s a little out of the way where you do need public transportation to Orchard Road.

However, the hotel will provide you character rather than drab, with the coziness of boutique inside and cultural richness on the outside. It’s close to airport, the ocean waves, mega malls and it’s surrounded by architectural splendor.

Then perhaps this style of lodging and location will be a perfect fit for your needs?

If so, then book your Venue Hotel room now at or