Places to Visit, Eat and Shop near 85 Beach Garden Hotel

Old Section of Bugis

An old iconic shop house that remains as part of the Old Bugis now.   Photo by Flickr/chooyusthing.

Guests staying at the 85 Beach Garden Hotel on Beach Road have their pick in terms of sightseeing, shopping and dining. Just within Bugis alone, they can visit an ancient temple, tour quirky museums, shop for electronics and soak in the atmosphere of a vibrant night market.

What Places To Visit

For another blast from the past, visit a hidden gem, the Mint Museum of Toys on Seah Street. Standing for ‘Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys’, Mint is a private museum founded by one collector’s astonishing collection of vintage toys, some of which can’t be seen anywhere else. If you love your Lego and Star Wars figurines, or appreciate wind-up tin toys, this is a museum not to be missed.

On nearby Waterloo Street, you’ll notice throngs of people surrounding a Chinese temple. This is the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho, or the Goddess of Mercy Temple, popular for granting prayers of worshipers ranging from good exam results to conceiving a baby. Why not make your own wish too?

What To Eat

Chinese Hotpot

Bugis is well stocked with hotpot restaurants offering cheap buffet dining options.   [photo: flickr/Bing]

85 Beach Garden Hotel is surrounded by great places for a meal and drink. Just 10 paces from the door, you will find a hotpot restaurant. Popular with students and workers, steamboat cuisine involves boiling all-you-can-eat ingredients in a personal pot of mouth-watering broth.

Nearby streets like Tan Quee Lan, Liang Seah and Purvis offer lots of local Singaporean food as well as a smorgasbord of different cuisines ranging from affordable Thai food to Italian fine dining. There’s also a number of pubs where you can unwind with a cold beer with live music.

Where To Shop

Bugis Street Shopping

Bugis Street – go to place for young adults looking for cheap Jap/Korean fashion. Photo by Flickr/silviasweety

Near 85 Beach Garden Hotel is a paradise of high-tech toys, Sim Lim Square. This mall is filled from top to bottom with the latest IT gadgets and electronics, and is great fun for both the casual shopper and the hardcore hardware fan. You can pretty much buy everything you need to build a supercomputer and bring it home. Just remember to haggle and demand freebies!

If fashion’s more your cup of tea, Bugis+ and Bugis Junction will more than satisfy your craving. Between these two malls, you will find almost every global brand from Aeropostale to Zara. Architecturally, they are also very interesting. Bugis Junction features a glass-covered stretch of shophouses, while Bugis+ has a unique honeycomb exterior that dance with lights at night.

Bugis Street is also a great place for night shopping, filled with tiny stalls selling all sorts of cheap items ranging from souvenirs to Jap/Korean fashion and to even sex toys! In this bazaar, you can also find tattoo parlors and indie t-shirt stores run by local artists.

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