28 Easy Ways for a Tourist to Save Money in Singapore – 1

Singapore Merlion Park at Fullerton

Continue reading to get the best and easy tips on how as a tourist, you can save money in Singapore.

Do you find it hard to find cheap accommodation, food and beer in Singapore?

No idea where to shop to get the best discounts so you can stretch that dollar?

Then you need to follow these 28 easy tips will teach you how to save money when you are touring Singapore – from where to shop, eat and sightsee for cheap.


1. Budget Hotels
Hotel accommodation usually accounts for a large chunk of the expense, so instead of making a beeline for the 4 or 5 stars hotels, consider budget or boutique hotels located in Singapore’s suburbia.

For those wanting to be close to the city center, locales such as Bugis, Chinatown, Geylang and Katong would be perfect.

2. Free Accommodation
For the freeloader in you, another option would be to sign up at couchsurfing (www.couchsurfing.org) for absolutely free accommodation, where residents in Singapore open up their extra room or just a couch for the duration of your trip.

While you don’t need to pay a cent, it is apparently couchsurfing etiquette to bring a gift for your host.

Getting Around

3. Public Transport
Forget the Singapore tourist pass EZ-Link card; at S$10 a day for unlimited rides, it is not economical at all since you would be unable to use up all the credit in one day. Just buy a normal EZ-Link card which will allow you to get around Singapore on MRT and public buses.

The card will cost you S$12 (S$5 for the actual card and S$7 worth of credit). Besides using it for travel, you can also use it to buy drinks or snacks at any 7-Eleven convenience store island wide.

4. Taxis (Avoid!!)
I know it’s tempting to hail a cab because it’s so convenient, however, even at it’s relatively cheaper prices in comparison to other countries, multiple taxi journeys will quickly add up especially if you’re travelling in and out of the city.

In addition to the taxi fare, there are other surcharges that you would incur if you’re not aware of the peak vs non-peak hours. So stick to the buses, trains or just walking.

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