28 Easy Ways for a Tourist to Save Money in Singapore – 2

Computer and Electronics Fair in Singapore

A typical Computer Fair in Singapore – rated as one of the “9 Best Places to Buy Electronics in Singapore”.   [credit – flickr/xcode]


Want to know where to find the best shopping deals in Singapore so you can stretch your dollars?

Just follow the tips below!

This is part of the “28 Easy Ways for a Tourist to Save Money in Singapore” guide.

5. GST Rebate
7% GST (Goods and Services Tax) is charged on all your purchases in Singapore, so make sure you inquire at the retailer as to whether your purchase is eligible for a GST refund. If so, make sure they issue you an Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS).

Simply present that ticket and the item purchased at the airport and the tax will be refunded before you depart.

6. Tourist Privileges
Most major shopping malls on Orchard Road or even in the suburbs have exclusive offers only for visitors to Singapore. Make sure you have your passport handy and head to the Information counter of any shopping center to inquire about the tourist privileges.

7. Great Singapore Sales (GSS)
If you’re in need of retail therapy on your trip to Singapore, plan it such that it coincides with the GSS, which typically runs between the month of May and July annually.

During the GSS, you can enjoy discounts up to 70%, so it’s the best time to spend your well-earn money!

8. Warehouse Sales
Throughout the year, there are a number of warehouse sales from big brands in Singapore such as The Body Shop, Robinsons, Metro, etc that are housed in the large convention centers in Suntec City or at the Singapore Expo.

Dates and durations do vary (there is generally a number of sales happening in December) and more information can be obtained either at the websites of Suntec City or Singapore Expo, or on advertisements in local newspapers.

9. Outlet Stores
Changi City Point shopping mall, located right at next to the Expo (CG1) MRT station is one of the newest mega malls that have sprung up in Singapore.

It is home to several outlet shops like Nike, Lacoste, Timberland, Samsonite, etc. So why pay full price when you can get heavily discounted branded goods.

10. Off the Beaten Track
Mega shopping malls are commonplace in Singapore; however there are a number of shopping complexes that offer a blast from the past and often at much lower prices than its glitzy, new counterparts.

Queensway Shopping Center located in Queenstown is a quintessential example of one place where you can purchase affordable sporting equipment, shoes and apparels. The immortalized Beauty World in Bukit Timah has small eclectic boutiques that sell cheaper beauty products, comics, textile and many others.

11. Computer Fairs and Expos
For the cool geeks, looking for the latest gadgets, the quarterly computer fairs should not be missed.

Such fairs are voted by locals as one of the best places to buy electronics in Singapore where heavily discounted IT and electronics, gadgets and accessories go on sale. Savings during these fairs and expos can be as high as 50% and they usually come bundled with gifts too!

12. Membership/Discount Cards
Shop during members only sales or discounts means greater savings. Fret not if you’re only a visitor and do not own one of those coveted cards.

Simply ask a fellow shopper you see wielding the discount card to borrow it when making payment. Retailers that offer members or card holders attractive discounts include Robinsons, John Little, Metro and Takashimaya.

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