10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sentosa

Sentosa is famous for being Singapore’s majestic island resort housing one of the worlds most expensive waterfront estates, the first Southeast Asia’s Universal Studios theme park and an integrated casino.

But beyond its world famous mentions and crowded venues, there is a side of Sentosa less explored and unknown to the masses.

Let us take you through 10 things you didn’t know about Sentosa which could help you revive a whole new adventure there.

1. Passes That Can Help You Save A Lot of Money

When visiting Sentosa, skipping the invitation to buy the Day Fun Pass is folly.

Priced at S$79 which allows you to ride on up to 20 rides and attractions, this Day Fun Pass is the passport for a full on experience in Sentosa.

Rides and attractions include the Flying Trapeze, Wave House (1 try), Parajump, Megabounce and a whole lot more listed in the itinerary when you get the tickets.

2. The Secret Beach of Sentosa

Yes, you heard it right. There is a secret beach in Sentosa and not many people know it exists.

In land scarce Singapore, nothing on this island is ever a secret but this beach is such a gem that the seawater is clearer and you can even see coral.

Tanjong Rimau is just west of Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and it would take a little bit of bashing through of vegetation to get there. There are even 2 small caves on Tanjong Rimau making this beach a little more mysterious.

3. Wild Monkey Sightings

If you’re a fan of nature, then you’ll be surprised to find out that Sentosa is also home to a few rare wild monkeys.

With Singapore known as a concrete jungle, we only get to see cats around the estates so it is quite amusing to see our furry four legged friends roaming around Fort Siloso. Be sure to whip out your cameras when you see them going about their monkey business around the island.

4. Stay at Singapore’s Most Luxurious Yacht Club

Even if you are not a member of One Degree 15, the very luxurious yacht club in Sentosa offers guests a stay at one of its many accommodations facing its scenic harbor.

Wake up to Sentosa’s sunrise and be greeted with lovely sea breeze and the sight of many luxury yachts docked under you. The yacht club also offers a number of bistros and restaurants so you need not travel further than the club itself to get a bite.

To get to One Degree 15, simply hop onto Sentosa Express at Vivocity, alight at Beach Station and catch Bus No. 3 which will take you to Sentosa Cove which is just a 1 minute walk away.

Tip: If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, click here to see a list of budget hotels located just outside Sentosa island.

5. Chill Out in Sentosa’s Hottest Swimming Pool

Did you know that you could still dip in W Hotel’s swimming pool without being a guest?

At S$45++ per person from Mondays to Thursdays 7am to 7pm, you can spend a day wading in one of Singapore’s biggest pools.

On top of the excitement, the Wet Pool bar offers a range of bar menu items. Try out their famous W burger while having a sip of beer or cocktails in the pool. Or if you wish to engage in a little more fun, check out the monthly endless summer pool parties W hotel organizes at the pool.

6. Trail Running in Sentosa

Sentosa might be Singapore’s little getaway island where busy Singaporeans substitute their corporate wear for their beach outfits and relax by the sea. But that doesn’t mean it’s only catered to beach goers.

Sentosa has some impressive trails where runners are not left out. The Imbiah Forests is one of the trails runners should try out with many humps and bumps that will surely excite trail running ethusiasts. Time to substitute those flip flops for running shoes when visiting Sentosa!

7. Lunch Sets That Are Super Affordable

Sentosa might be one of the most expensive tourist sites in Singapore but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great meal deals to take advantage of.

Do Sunday lunches at Forest Restaurant, the brainchild of Chef Leong whose experience range from cooking for Queen Elizabeth II and former US president Bill Clintion. A Sunday lunch here will only set you back S$68++ for a 8-course lunch set and only S$32++ for a 4-course kid set.

Or if you’re not really into fine dining, head to Palio at Hotel Michael and try out their Italian 3-course set menu which costs a very affordable S$18+.

8. Walk into Sentosa

Sentosa Boardwalk

Photo: Flickr/Sam

Sentosa can now be reached by walking, a thing that is most unfamiliar to Singaporeans because the only modes of transport into the island we ever knew was by bus, monorail or car before 2012 when the boardwalk was built.

One has to only go to VivoCity shopping center and start a good 15 minutes leisurely walk to reach the island of fun. The entry fee of S$1 is paltry compared to the fees of other transport modes. What’s more, the lights, sounds and scenery will make the walk worthwhile.

9. Catch the Daily Crane Dance

The Crane Dance is a very elusive display of light and water effects combined with the use of state of the art audio and visual technologies.

The story behind this massive art show is about how two birds show their love for each other through displays of water illusions that forms the wings of the cranes.

Pyrotechnics are even used to make the show even more spectacular. The Crane Dance is performed at either 8 or 9pm every night. Be sure to check out the Resorts World Sentosa website for more details on the exact timing. Watch the video below to experience this magical dance show.

10. BBQs by the Beach

Many would have thought that once the sun sets, there’s pretty much nothing else to do at the beach. Thankfully, Sentosa has so much to offer at night such as one of Singapore’s favorite pastime, Barbecues.

Sentosa has been organizing BBQ events yearly and the recent one, “BBQ Under The Stars”, will be held at the Port of Lost Wonder on the 20th of February 2016. Even if you missed this one, Wavehouse also offers a DIY BBQ set fit for 4-6 people that costs about S$170.