Where You Can Stay During the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

F1 Singapore Grand Prix - Racing in Action

The 2013 F1 Singapore event will be held on 20th to 22nd September 2013. Have you thought of where to stay?    [photo: flickr/Weijie]

Luxury Hotel With A Racetrack View or No Frills For the Budget Conscious – Just Take Your Pick

Whether you’re a “price is not a concern” Formula 1 fan, or you have a strict budget to consider, there are certainly enough Singapore hotels on tap to cater to virtually any visitor’s budget during this mega event.

For those who wish to have the crème de la crème 5-Star service and accommodation with a premier racetrack vantage point, then here are some of the city’s elite heavy-hitters.

Those glistening blue-ribbon properties such as – Marina Bay Sands, Ritz Carlton Millenia, Fullerton and the Mandarin Oriental, will ensure your Grand Prix experience will be enhanced by their prime locations with unbeatable views of the 3-day race.

Luxury Hotels near F1 Circuit In Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Lighted Up at Night

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – itself is a spectacle with 3 majestic towers and a spaceship-like deck stacked on top. The rooms and Skypark offers an unblocked aerial view of the F1 race track.

When ‘Room With A View’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Marina Bay Sands
Let’s say your hotel room faces the track (which hopefully it is indeed for this event), not only do you have an unobstructed view of the race since you’re right on the bay front, but you’re also treated to a stunning view of the shimmering skyline during the evening races.

Additionally, it’s smack-dab right in front of Zones 2 & 3 and a brisk walk to Gate 10, but it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll also be able to see all 4 Zones given its superb location. Yes, the cars themselves will appear quite small from your elevated room, but it’s the entire sweeping view of both the circuit and city that’s to die for.

Fullerton Hotel
If you’re one of the lucky ones who reserved a room fronting the track in this gorgeous hotel, you’ll virtually be right on top of the cars as they navigate the hairpin turn at Turn 13 by Anderson Bridge. And, it’s a mere hop, skip and a jump to Gates 5 & 6 as well.

Ritz Carlton Millenia
Another top-notch venue, where the thunderous roar of the engines may possibly rattle your bay windows since you’re so close. Positioned right in front of Zones 2 & 3 and just next to Gate 8, it would be impossible to not feel you’re part of the close-up action.

Mandarin Oriental
This property’s locale would be the epitome of the term – ‘Front-Row Center’. Basically hovering right on top of the track at Zone 3, you’ll have nearly everything the event offers right at your doorstep.

And as far as a circuit view is concerned, well if you got any closer, you could probably wave to your favorite F1 driver, (not that he would be paying any attention to you at over 200 miles per hour mind you…).

Budget Hotels near Singapore F1 Circuit

Big Hotel Singapore Deluxe Room

Big Hotel – a Scandinavian-inspired budget hotel located in downtown Bugis that is within walking distance to the F1 circuit.

Savings Plus Convenience, Does It Get Any Better?

As much as viewing the race while sipping bubbly in a foamy Jacuzzi from your en-suite marble bathroom sounds really appealing, the price that comes with that may definitely not be for the budget-minded. Although, it does sound really inviting doesn’t it?

However, if French bubbles and Swiss truffles aren’t that important to you, there’s definitely a budget hotel in Singapore that’ll play nicely with your credit card. In fact, the city offers quite a handful of them that range from no frills to minimalistic, to rather sleek and stylish.

And, they’re all within an earshot of the circuit, all the while still easy on your pocketbook too!

Marrison Hotel
Here’s a cozy and contemporary 3-star budget hotel located in the Bugis District. Its central location gives you easy access to the race within a mere 15-20 minute walk. Zone 4 would be your closest entry point to the race via Gates 3 & 7. (Zone 4 is where the Padang Stage is located).

Hotel 81 Bugis
This hotel is a reliable standby for inexpensive rooms. It offers all the standard amenities one requires for a very pleasant stay, and since it’s also in the Bugis district, this particular hotel is also within walking distance of not only the circuit, (yes you got it – Zone 4, Gates 3 & 7), but all the major shopping and sightseeing hubs as well.

Fragrance Hotel Bugis
This hotel is very popular with the budget conscious traveler. This is a basic yet rather modern property that has all you need to hang your hat in comfort. Similar to the Marrison Hotel above, the Fragrance is a very reasonable distance to the circuit where the closest access is Zone 4 via Gates 3 & 7.

Big Hotel
This property is the new kid on the block that has recently been opened. Can you guess where? Yep, the Bugis District too. Talk about convenience! As we call it, a hotel that’s – ‘Light On The Wallet And Big On Amenities’. It offers pretty snazzy rooms for a hotel in the budget category and since it’s in Bugis, do I even need to tell you the closest entry points to the race?

Ibis Hotel Singapore on Bencoolen (Bugis)
Considered ‘Singapore’s Best Budget Hotel’. TripAdvisor reviewers repeatedly comment about the hotel’s value for money, incredible location and hospitable staff. Inexpensive, comfortable, friendly and centrally located (Bugis district), what more do you need? Once again, it’s Zone 4, Gates 3 & 7 and perhaps Gate 4 as well for closest race entrance.

*These budget hotels near the Singapore F1 circuit are being quickly snapped up by the day as we get closer to the main event. Therefore check out our list on this page for more information so you can reserve your room before it’s too late.